Whistler, BC, is a popular location. Vacation homes with personalized amenities are becoming more popular than motels. In-demand features include kitchens, patios, and breathtaking views. Luxury vacation homes are the easiest way to access all this and more.

Are you considering renting out your Whistler home to meet demand? Read these seven tips before renting your Whistler home:

1. Legally rent out your home

Before renting your Whistler vacation home, do legal research. Like most popular travel destinations in Canada, there may be numerous rules and regulations to consider. Whistler luxury vacation owners must consider licensing, zoning, and home insurance. Whistler's local office or website can provide more information. Even if you own a home in Whistler, you may need help to rent it out. Mortgage contracts may include rental restrictions. If you're a homeowners association member, know the rental rules. 

2. Spend your money on expert photography

Professional photographs are essential if you want to attract tenants. Taking beautiful images of your Whistler holiday rental house might double your monthly income. With today's high-quality cell phone cameras, you may be tempted to take your images. Whistler's luxury rental market is incredibly competitive, so having high-quality images is one way to stand out. Hiring a professional photographer ensures high-quality property photos. Before the photographer visits, clean, tidy, and prepare your home. Highlight each area with ornamental decorations and describe each shot so guests can visualize the arrangement.

3. Put your trust in a professional cleaning service

Most owners of luxury vacation homes want to avoid cleaning their rentals after each guest visits by themselves. Cleaning a vacation home can save money, but it's time-consuming and stressful. Check internet reviews before hiring a cleaning service for your Whistler rental. Make sure the firm is licensed and insured. You may also ask leaving visitors to take out the garbage and wash the dishes, but heavy lifting would require a professional cleaning service. Whistler's cleaning costs are well worth the return of happy visitors, good reviews, and returning guests.

4. Set clear rental rules for your Whistler home

Even though most house guests are polite, setting some ground rules for your Whistler rental is still a good idea. Limits on the number of guests, smoking policies, and pet regulations are all standard fares for house rules. Also, guests would be grateful if you provided instructions on operating the air conditioner, stereo, and other technological amenities.

5. Make use of a Simple Access System

Unless you live near your Whistler vacation home or have it registered with a rental agency, you must install an entry system. Install a lock box or keyless locks with numbers. The latter option is excellent because the number codes can be reset after each guest to ensure property security. 

6. Always Have the Bare Essentials on Hand for Your Guests

People expect essential items like a hot water kettle and hair dryer at hotels. As you're competing with famous hotels, make sure guests can easily access these items. Stock your Whistler rental with toilet paper, towels, dishes, and washcloths. Include soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. In addition to toiletries, you should prepare dishware and basic spices and condiments.

7. Make a Welcome Book for Your Visitors

A welcoming book is a must-have for vacation home visitors. At the very least, it should be a compilation or guide that provides information about the vacation home property, the neighbourhood, and nearby attractions like fun events or popular restaurants. Include emergency contact details and maintenance phone numbers.

Guests Can Now Stay in Your Home with Confidence

Opening your house to travellers is fantastic. It will increase your monthly income and give your guests a personable, joyful alternative to a hotel. These tips should make renting out your Whistler vacation home easier. Do you need any more assistance getting your Whistler ski in ski out vacation rentals for visitors? For assistance with anything mentioned above, get in touch with Elevate Vacations right away.